On being talked about

Apparently everyone likes to be noticed. Parenting books (or at least all the ones that were in vogue when my two were littlies) are fond of telling you that children crave attention. Apparently it doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad. Just being noticed is all they want.

And I’m pretty sure we don’t grow out of it*.

The question is, how should we feel about recognising that need in ourselves?

Case in point. I ride a recumbent bicycle. Like most recumbent riders, if I’m asked, I tell people that it’s more comfortable and potentially** more efficient than a normal bike. (That’s actually true. After all, a recumbent bike (faired) holds the pedalled vehicle speed record at 132km/hr. And the comfort can’t be gainsaid).

But if I have to be brutally honest, I think like many of us, I enjoy the attention riding a weird bike brings. And I wonder about that. Is it a character defect? Am I, (and others) lacking something elsewhere in our lives in that we get noticed based on what we can afford to own rather than the person we are? Am I just as shallow as the show-off hoon in the tricked out sports car with the underbody lighting and hydraulic jumping suspension?

Of course, the bike IS comfortable!  🙂

* example: President Shrub?
** The bloody things are harder to ride up hills though.


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