Agatha Krusty

The Writer-and-future-filmmaker-in-training is having a 1950’s themed 19th birthday bash tonight.

It’s a Murder Mystery party with a prepackaged kit from “Dinner and a Murder” . This one’s “Class of ’57“, set at a high school reunion. One of the classmates was recently murdered. It’s up to the guests to figure out whodunnit. It’d be interesting to see how 20 Gen-Y’s interpret the 1950’s. (If I were going.)

I had the job of reformatting most of the character packs so they could be emailed to the guests beforehand; thus I know who done it. I also got to read most of them.

Of course you don’t expect Agatha Christie in the plot or the writing. Nevertheless, the character packs leave a lot to desired. They’re hard to read and not very engaging. Worse still, they’re formatted very badly (supplied as PDF files) The writer doesn’t seem to have heard of paragraph breaks.

As for the”mystery”; not very exciting. It would be nice to have a real clever whodunnit – in the vein of the old puzzle (of course you remember it!) about the man found hung from the lightbulb in an empty, internally locked room. There is a wet patch on the carpet.


2 Responses to “Agatha Krusty”

  1. 1 Lisa James January 31, 2007 at 4:22 pm

    Our church group actually did Class of 57. We enjoyed it, but one thing you have to take into account is that game was written for very conservative people and church groups like ours and therefore very limited in content.

    My family also did the Murder at the Four Deuces Teen this past Christmas and it was a whole different game. It was very exciting and it was designed very differently, with booklets and a weapons scavenger hunt. There were a LOT of puzzles. If you were really looking for a clever whodunit I think you should have tried a different game, instead of a church game.

  2. 2 microsoar February 5, 2007 at 7:19 am

    Thanks for the feedback, Lisa.

    I didn’t have any part in the choosing of the game, my daughter did that. I guess she was being conservative for her first attempt.

    It was a whole lot of work for me, since we sent all the guest stuff out by email, and the “cut and paste” from the PDF files was a nightmare when it came to formatting. There’s probably a better way of packaging it……

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