Cold comfort

The hot humid weather we’ve been having has made it glaringly obvious that our ancient refrigerator Has Got To Go.

It’s frosting up big time and very quickly. Presumably this is costing mucho electricity in inefficient operation. And I hate defrosting fridges. Fortunately, a 3L container of milk generally lasts only 24 hours the way the Offspring go though it, so it doesn’t have time to go off. (Those kids are going to have unbreakable bones!)

So I’m doing the rounds of the electrical discounters, trying to get the best price I can.

While not one of nature’s hagglers, I do regularly encounter folks who try to haggle with me in my own business without embarrassment on their part. Fortunately as I also deal through agents and have an agreement with them that I won’t sell below recommended retail if selling direct, I have a ready-made excuse for not haggling.

Haggling for a fridge doesn’t come naturally. But so far the price on the model I want is down by between $90 and $50 depending on the retailer.

I just wish people would advertise the price they actually will sell at instead of making me go through all this!

Update: It’s a couple of hours after I wrote the original post, and I’ve just signed up for a fridge after beating them down to between $140 and $100 below retail (depending on the retailer). Hurrah!!!


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