Appliances, I salute you!

My kitchen is, well, basic. I don’t have a proper oven or stove, just a large convection-microwave and a pair of portable electric hot plates. I will get around to renovating it. I will!

But this post is a salute to two other appliances.

The Cordless Electric Kettle. What can you say? Hot water when you need it. No watching and waiting for it to boil thanks to the auto cutoff. No wasted gas, no danger of burning the house down. No unplugging and no long inconvenient cords. It’s a winner.

And here’s a free tip for you – how to get rid of scale in the kettle. Just fill it with water, slice up a lemon, toss the slices in, boil it and let it sit for a few minutes. Then (and this is important) pour out the contents and give it a very good rinse. Or the milk in your next cup of tea will curdle.

The second is an electric mixing wand that Ms Canada gave me for Christmas (yes, sad old folks exchanging appliances as gifts!). BUT the great thing about this one is its’ ice crushing blade that allows you to whip up a crushed ice drink that rivals the 7-11 Slurpee in every way. It’s been HOT lately. I loooove that wand.


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