What I’m reading

On the bedside table sits a copy of James Morrows’ “The Last Witchfinder”.The Last Witchfinder

Now, I haven’t finished it yet, so no review. I just thought I’d share something curious, as the book advertises iteself to actually have been written by yet another book. Isaac Newtons’ Principia Mathematica

Here’s a short extract of what the book has to say about this rather bizarre process:

The precise metaphysical procedures by which a book goes about writing another book need not concern us here. Suffice it to say that our human scribes remain entirely ignorant of their possession by bibliographic forces; the agent in question never doubts that his authorship is authentic. A bit of literary history may clarify matters. Unlike Charles Dickens’s other novels, Little Dorrit was in fact written by The Faerie Queene. It is fortunate that Jane Austen’s reputation does not rest on Northanger Abbey, for the author of that admirable satire was Paradise Regained in a frivolous mood:. The twentieth century offers abundant examples, from The Pilgrim’s Progress cranking out Atlas Shrugged, to Les Miserables composing The jungle, to The Memoirs of Casanova
penning Portnoy’s Complaint.
Occasionally, of course, the alchemy proves so potent that the appropriated author never produces a single original word. Some compelling facts have accrued to this phenomenon. Every desert romance novel bearing the name E. M. Hull was actually written by Madame Bovary on a lark; Mein Kampf can claim credit for most of the Hallmark greetings cards printed between 1958 and 1967; Richard Nixon’s entire oeuvre can be traced to a collective effort by the science fiction slush pile at Ace Books. Now, as you might imagine, upon finding a large readership through one particular work, the average book aspires to repeat its success. Once The Waste Land and Other Poems generated its first Republican Party platform, it couldn’t resist creating all the others. After Waiting for Godot acquired a taste for writing Windows software documentation, there was no stopping it.

This post was actually written by Dr Seuss’ “Hop on Pop


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