After a fashion

In the spirit of Deans’ post on Spring Fashion, here’s Johns’ Five Clothing Essentials Buy List for 2007…

  1. Socks: 10 pairs of identical black socks kills two birds with one stone. John never has to wear mismatched socks or try and keep pairs together. And as socks disappear into the alternate “sock dimension” (in mass exchange for coathangers), John always ends up with pairs and spares, not orphans.
  2. Polo shirts: in a selection of colours. John likes a collar, as “T” shirts irritate his throat. Plus they have a handy pocket for John to temporarily store stuff in, forget about and then find at the bottom of the washing machine later,
  3. “Work” trousers. John shops at the RSEA safety shop and buys workmens’ drill trousers at a rediculously low price (2 pairs for $30 last time!). John may not look trendy, but they’re hard-wearing and besides, he works from home and who’s going to tell?
  4. John wears Dunlop “KT-26” running shoes most everywhere. These are super comfortable and cheap (about $29). A review of running shoes done by “Choice” magazine some years ago actually gave them a favourable comparison with high end shoes in the $150 range. (That’s back when high end shoes only cost $150, btw)
  5. John wears mostly wears baggy shorts when no customers are expected, quite enjoying the breeze through his foliage.

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