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Dear visitor:

Petunia and her chicken are having strange adventures in Canada until the 9th May.

There may be updates in the meantime.
There may not be.


Sad news from Canada

This morning we learned that Isabel, Ms Canada’s mother, died peacefully last night.

We were to attend her 90th birthday party near Toronto in 3 weeks. What was the birthday party will be a celebration/memorial to her with all the same folks coming, including us. I had never met her; she was apparently looking forward to seeing us together.

Mood: solemn.

Just a pleasant sunday afternoon

No rants or dime store philosophy today.

Here’s a couple of pictures from our social bike ride on Sunday afternoon along the Warburton Rail Trail.

Lunch time, Ms Canada and I on the rug. George scowls, Rob (in yellow) tries to sell a couple on the joys of recumbent riding and Jana is almost hidden behind Ms Canada.

Rob and Jana speed past on the tandem

Ms Canada notices the camera.

Cold Cheese on Dough

To: Store 1547 Store Manager by hand
cc: Complaints department, Pizza Hut. By email

Subject: Service problems

There’s an old saying: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.
Well, I have to say that I’m twice shamed, as I’ve been to Pizza Hut Bentleigh East (Store 1547) three times in the last 6 months and each time been the victim of a really annoying service problem.

I’ll detail the most recent one first, as it’s fresher in my memory.

My son and I dropped in at Store #1547 last night. We ordered two large pizzas to go, were told they would be 12 minutes or so and we sat to wait while an interminable soap ran on the store TV. After about 15 minutes, I began to wonder what was happening and started paying attention to the activity in the rear.

One person was making pizzas, the other was taking them from the oven. The latter person took out two pizzas, sectioned them and put them in boxes on the stainless steel counter. He then leaned on the counter and watched the “maker” work. Then he pulled out a garlic bread and put them on one of the boxes and went back to resting. I said to my son “Those two pizzas are probably cooling down fast on the steel benchtop, so I’m glad they’re not ours, since we didn’t order garlic bread!” Then he pulled out another pizza and sectioned it. Then he leaned on the benchtop and chatted to the maker. Then he took a pile of dockets and riffled them. In turn he opened each pizza box in turn and peered at the pizzas. He picked up the two pizzas that had first come out of the oven and called us to the counter to collect them. This was about 7-8 minutes after they were sectioned and left on the steel benchtop. Needless to say, they were pretty much cool by the time we got them home. We were not impressed.

On two well-spaced previous occasions we have ordered by phone and come to collect the pizzas. Both times we arrived at the store, identified ourselves and were told the pizzas were not quite ready and we’d be called when they were. On both occasions, we waited about 20 minutes watching pizzas being taken out of the oven, sectioned and put into the warming cabinet. On both occasions we have come to the counter after that 20 minutes to inquire, and been given pizzas that we had seen being put into the cabinet at least 10 minutes ago!

There is something drastically wrong with Pizza Huts’ procedures here, when identified customers sit waiting in the store for long competed pizzas. This doesn’t happen at your competitors’ (Dominoes) stores – they seem to be taking substantially more pride in efficient procedures.

I must say I am disappointed. I thought that by ordering personally the third time there would be no problem. I was wrong.

I’ve attached a copy of our receipt so you can see the time and date of service.

(Name and address supplied)

Be afwaid. Be vewwy, vewwy afwaid.

Yes, the Daughter has just passed her drivers licence test on the second try after missing out by 0.7 marks out of 100 last time.

Watch out for a deep blue Ford Festiva hatchback with “P” plates. And stay vewwy, vewwy clear.

Pedalling to a victory – of sorts

I’m sitting here, sore and tired, winding down after the OzHPV recumbent bike races.

The event was a success for we participants; not so much for publicity – the media didn’t turn up to any pre-ride events or, as far as I know, the ride itself.

We had great weather – 22 degrees C, light winds. A reasonable number of competitors turned up – about 30 – which was probably at the limit of what could be handled given the events. There was a wide variety of machines from simple bikes through trikes, commuter recumbents, open lowracers and enclosed speed bikes.

The enclosed speed bikes blitzed the track speed events, but were unable to enter some of the more exotic events such as the slalom, bush-bash and shopping race.

I’ll update with a link to photos and stuff later.

How did I do?

1st in the overall Seniors (over 50) and 3rd overall for the entire field! And I won one event, the Slalom – by picking up my bike and running with it around the course. The organisers had made the corners too tight and a runner could actually get around them faster than a rider could!

I wasn’t actually the fastest senior rider, but since the scoring system took account of your placings in all but your worst event, by entering them all and being consistent, my score was high.