Pedalling to a victory – of sorts

I’m sitting here, sore and tired, winding down after the OzHPV recumbent bike races.

The event was a success for we participants; not so much for publicity – the media didn’t turn up to any pre-ride events or, as far as I know, the ride itself.

We had great weather – 22 degrees C, light winds. A reasonable number of competitors turned up – about 30 – which was probably at the limit of what could be handled given the events. There was a wide variety of machines from simple bikes through trikes, commuter recumbents, open lowracers and enclosed speed bikes.

The enclosed speed bikes blitzed the track speed events, but were unable to enter some of the more exotic events such as the slalom, bush-bash and shopping race.

I’ll update with a link to photos and stuff later.

How did I do?

1st in the overall Seniors (over 50) and 3rd overall for the entire field! And I won one event, the Slalom – by picking up my bike and running with it around the course. The organisers had made the corners too tight and a runner could actually get around them faster than a rider could!

I wasn’t actually the fastest senior rider, but since the scoring system took account of your placings in all but your worst event, by entering them all and being consistent, my score was high.


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