N*ked! Athletes!

Got your attention?

Ms Canada and I have been arguing this one for a while.

I contend that as much as possible, athletes in the Olympics or who want to set world records should do so naked. Or nude. (Well, unclothed anyhow). She doesn’t like the idea of dangly bits swinging about at high speed.

IMHO, Athletics is supposed to be about the person, not the amount they or their country can spend on high tech clothing and equipment. It’s not supposed to be about shark-skin swimming costumes, lycra running pants and high tech shoes, and helmets .

Sure the times would go to hell. But it’d be real. And fun to watch.

And apart from the perve factor, presumably the “lesser endowed” athletes would have an advantage (less drag, less encumberance). One less thing to be jealous of for the average guy or girl.

As for equipment (bikes, rowing, sleds, whatever): All the athletes in a particular event should have to use identical brand/model equipment, perhaps selected and mandated by a committee at the end of the previous Olympics so that all have a chance to train on it for the next 4 years).

What say you?


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