Is Ronald McDonald Dead?

Is the much loved charitable burger touting clown no longer with us?

McDonald, probably about 65, was first introduced as the mascot of the McDonalds franchise in 1963. In recent years he is is rumoured to have become a total recluse.

Unfortunately McDonald has always refused direct interviews, preferring to defer to his corporate spokesmen.

Pundits are concerned that McDonald may be gravely ill or even dead, noting that he had always looked a bit pale and that the elephantiasis that affects his lower limbs may also affect his health. Close examination of recent footage reveals that most of his recent public appearances have been handled by unconvincing stand-ins

In 1973, the cover-up of the original Hamburglars hospitalisation for extreme obesity (a temporary change to vertical stripes failed to disguise his ballooning figure) and his subsequent fatal heart attack resulted in the impeachment of Mayor McCheese.

There have been previous unconfirmed reports of McDonalds demise. It’s time for McDonalds to come clean.


2 Responses to “Is Ronald McDonald Dead?”

  1. 1 fatbutt mcgee May 11, 2010 at 10:22 pm

    ronald mcdonald is a gay homosexual

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