Will we watch the Watchmen?

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Old blog entry…

The word is that Zack Snyder is actually going to make a movie of Alan Moore’s epic graphic novel “Watchmen”.

I sure hope he stays true to the story and the vision, but he admits himself that it’s going to be hard to make it short enough for cinematic release without losing a lot of stuff – like the “Black Freighter” sequences.

These “meta-hero” stories can be great fun. “Mystery Men” was a hoot. Watchmen won’t be funny. It’s dark, moralistic and bloody. But for me it’s what hero stories should be.

No prizes for guessing that I enjoyed “The Dark Knight Returns” and “Kingdom Come”.

UPDATE: Here’s a script written in 1989 by Sam Hamm, apparently! It makes fun reading.


1 Response to “Will we watch the Watchmen?”

  1. 1 Abuelete August 30, 2007 at 1:48 am

    I think it will be great to see a Watchmen movie in the cinema!!!!!!!!!
    I hope that the movie will be great.

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