Car Free ?

One of our VicHPV members, Jon, is participating in the Wizwheels Car Free Challenge and is looking for “partial” participants to help him out with some experiences. Here’s the rules of the Challenge:

The rules of the Car-Free Challenge are fairly simple. You go without your car as much as humanly possible from May 15th to June 15th. Once the month is up, you write up your experiences in essay form and e-mail them to We’ll judge the essays and pick a winner on July 1st. That lucky winner gets a brand new 2007 Wizwheelz Cruiser.

and here’s what Jon would like you to do before June 15th:

  • Try to go car free for a day and write him about how it went for you.
  • Tell someone you know about the car free challenge and try it for a day.
  • You ask them if they are willing to have ago at a car free day (preferably with a bike in it, but doesn’t have to be)
  • They write something about it – as much or as little as they
    want. or they just say they did it and send him an e-mail.
  • After they send it to him, he will publish it on his blog ( He will only use first names) and the circle is complete.
  • On the 15th of June he will put the number of people who participated in the little experiment.

Here’s Jons Blog
and you can email him Here

I’d do it myself except of course, many of my days are car-free already!


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