Compound Interest on Deposits

Here in Oz, it doesn’t ever get really cold. Confined to the receding snowfields of our elderly, eroded peaks, ice seldom touches our lives. Unless, of course, we decide to pay ruinous prices for a ticket for a day of 30 second slides down rock and scrub-infested “ski-slopes” while avoiding suicidal snowboarders.

You can understand why our recent Canadian trip with snow, sleet, frozen lakes and all the other appurtenances of the Northern clime was a real treat for me.

I was particularly amused to encounter what, no doubt, is old news to most – the common Northern Poosicle, or Stalagshite.

I first encountered this phenomenon at a roadside stop between Banff and Jasper. Being remote, there was no plumbing, of course, so this was what we term in Oz, a “long drop dunny”. But the drop wasn’t long any more.

With the temperature below freezing, any “substance” deposited must have frozen fairly rapidly after just melting enough of what it had dropped onto to bond solidly. This resulted in a growing conical column of, errrr, well, let’s be frank, frozen poo. In this case the very pointy column was well over 7 ft tall, and had pretty much made it up to within inches of seat level. You actually had to aim off to one side of the top of it.

My loud exclamations of wonder were not appreciated by Ms Canada, who, refusing to enter the hut in case she glimpsed the offending item, was forced to cross her legs for another 100km.


2 Responses to “Compound Interest on Deposits”

  1. 1 Doug June 23, 2007 at 3:47 pm

    You realize, of course, that your poosicle will now be immortalized by my linky lurve.

    Man, that sounded perverse.

  2. 2 John Halbrook June 25, 2007 at 2:36 am

    It is all too easy to visualize, I’m afraid. Your blog is always entertaining. I’m glad you had such a fine time in Canada but I’m glad you didn’t take pictures of everything.

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