Degrees of separation

Offspring #1, who is in a University class in creative and professional writing, was recently bemoaning the lack of input from actual, working, published authors that her class has received.

Oddly enough, I have one of those”degrees of separation” things going with a number of working and wannabe authors. Maybe it’s something worth exploring.

I follow the blogs of a couple. Doug Hoffman, by day a not-so-mild ENT surgeon, is a popular, enthusiastic and amusing blogger; he’s in the never-ending process of writing of all things, a romance. Dean Cochrane, Canadian (published!) writer of short fiction, has a not-so-secret identity as a frustrated Database Administrator for a company he refers to coyly as “Tombstone”. From the blogrolls of these two you can leap off into the airy reaches; to the blogs of writers like the intriguing (if sometimes snarky) Erin O’Brien or romance author Kate Rothwell, to name a couple of extremes.

But closer to home, many years ago I worked with Jenny Blackford, who is married to Russell Blackford, Published Author and lecturer in the School of Philosophy and Bioethics at Monash University. They ran a small publishing empire for a while. This got me introductions to folks like Damien Broderick and Lucy Sussex; and they convinced me and the ex to visit Aussiecon II in 1985 which is why I know Comic Book Guy in the Simpsons is not an altogether inaccurate stereotype. So many fat Starfleet captains!

And Ms Canada has some cousins who live in the hills up behind Foster in Gippsland. We were visiting up there a couple of months back and they offered to introduce me to Jack Dann, who just happens to live in the house across the road…… Sadly we had a family emergency and couldn’t take up the offer.

The one author I’d prefer to keep as much separation as possible from is of course,  Matthew Reilly


2 Responses to “Degrees of separation”

  1. 1 Doug July 19, 2007 at 2:53 am

    Thanks for the plug.

    Your review of the Reilly book reminded me of a book I wrote in the summer between 6th and 7th grade. In one of my climactic scenes, the hero is being whisked away by baddies driving an electric car. He finagles to get the thing to crash, and he’s thrown free of the vehicle, but alas! The electric cars vacuum bulbs have broken (!) creating a powerful suction effect, thereby making it damn near impossible to run away from the injured bad guy. Those vacuum bulbs sucked for a LONG time, let me tell you.

    I really wish I had saved that book. Would have been good for at least a few blog posts.

  2. 2 Erin O'Brien July 19, 2007 at 6:14 am


    Doug said “baddies.” Erin know baddies.

    Baddies are the nasties that form around the seal of the dishwasher or (heaven help us) around the rim of the toilet bowl.

    Imagine if those mothers were equipped with weapons.

    “Baddies with weapons!”

    Then they would be Super Baddies.

    Gotta go, the appliances are running! Thanks for the link.

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