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Family matters

Some pictures from my kids (mothers side) grandma’s 80th birthday party yesterday

I’m looking doubtful while my 17 year old son is looking cool playing dueling Bluetooth mobile phones with the other under-20’s males in the room.

The Writer-In-Training is photogenic….


Getting it together

Because I ride too fast – or because maybe Ms Canada finds the longer rides a bit taxing , I’ve taken steps. Yes, I’ve built a tandem recumbent bicycle.

OK, it’s not the most flattering picture of either of us, but you get the idea.

Good, Good Chicken!

Aren’t I the virtuous one? Apparently.

Oh, Antonio!

A weekend in the country, what fun!

Ms Canada and I took a drive through Northern Victoria over the weekend. From Melbourne, up the Hume to Benalla, to Yarrawonga for lunch by the lake where we took a look at the weir (built in 1937-39). Then up the Murray Valley Highway to Cobram, to Koonoomoo, home of the “Big Strawberry”, Mywee, where I went to primary school, then by the house I grew up in. From there to Strathmerton, past the ancestral homestead, then on to Nathalia for a pub dinner and a motel. The next day, Echuca for brunch and thence via Rochester, Elmore, Heathcote and Lancefield back to home.

For details and pics, follow me below the fold.

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Weddings, parties,….

As I advance further into my middle years, my business idea, “Rent a Dirty Uncle Stan TM” may now be practical.

This is a service for folks who are sadly deprived of that essential element at any family gathering, a sleazy, loud, sexist and disreputable uncle.

You know the guy. He drinks the free booze. He can eat a dry cracker and still somehow end up with sticky blobs on his shirtfront or perhaps on his loud checked jacket. He tries to feel up the bridesmaids. He makes an inappropriate speech. He leers.

Every wedding needs one. If only to throw out.

Or why not try our Tipsy Aunt MargeTM. One sherry and she’s anyones.


Also pictured, the Crazy CousinTM, (out on a day pass from the Home for Special People).

Our staff are waiting for your call.

A Sign from God

Because I’ve got nothin’ much to say today. (Unless you want a political rant about the Howard “Government” – and I know you don’t want to read that, with the election free-for-all poised to descend on us like an ash cloud..) here’s a fun site.

Create your own Church Sign.

Here’s my contribution.