The Big Training Ride

Summary of the weekends’ ride:

We had well nigh perfect weather for the run down to Sorrento (100km), with cool conditions and a light quartering tailwind. The run back from Queenscliff to Melbourne (110km) was in a fierce cross/headwind(25 knots gusting to 35 in some areas)for most of the way.

More detail …..

Alan (trike), Eric (trike), Steve N (homebuilt long wheelbase) and I (lowracer) left from Port Melbourne at 8:30 sharp.
We met John K (highracer) near Mordialloc and at Frankston bid Steve adieu. After climbing up to Mt Eliza and coasting down in to Mornington, we cut over to Mt Martha beach for lunch. Around the coast to Dromana and an easy cruise to Sorrento … although at Rye, Eric snapped a gear cable on the trike. We called Diane who was to meet us at Queenscliff with camping gear and she picked up a spare at K-mart.A pleasant ferry ride at 3pm put us in Queenscliff with 100km on the clock, and we sat in the sun at a cafe waiting for Diane and the gear. Then we set up camp, headed in to town again, got a feed and hit the hay. The wind started rattling the tents by midnight and when we woke up it was howling in from the North. It wasn’t looking fantastic.We took the road from Queenscliff to Geelong – the traffic was light, and the road was good with a wide shoulder. The crosswind however, was fierce. In Geelong after stocking up for lunch at Subway, we took the waterfront trail. The wind was whipping up waves that were breaking over parts of the trail. It was pretty wild. We followed the bike trails as far as we could, wound through some back streets, passing the fragrant malting plant, fertiliser factory and refinery. A creek linear trail then took us to Lara, giving us the opportunity to smell the local tip as well.

Lunch was at a bus shelter near Lara, then we took the long, straight Old Melbourne Road to Little River with a fierce quartering head/cross wind. We then rode on the freeway shoulder to the Werribee turnoff where Eric left us to train back as he was having major troubles with his seat. Alan, John K and I continued on the freeway until Hoppers Crossing (with a slight welcome tail component to the crosswind occasionally) and joined the Federation Trail which took us to the Geelong Road. Unfortunately this is where we lost John K through a mixup over street names after he’d raced on ahead. Alan and I headed down Barclay St, Footscray, jumped over to Footscray Rd via the Mooney Ponds trail, then hit the downwind home stretch through Docklands back to Port Melbourne, beating the wet change by about an hour.

Apart from the broken gear cable and seat problems, it was a trouble-free trip. My odometer reads 210.00km well and truly ridden.

Many thanks to must go to Dianne for acting as gear support. Also
thanks to George for “fragrant” route suggestions.

It was a very pleasant ride – good company and a great workout.


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