Cold Comfort Foam

This week I made a quick $50 cash doing a market research survey. Interesting process, this.

It was a one-on-one half hour session. The product in question is supposed to relieve joint or muscular pain – it may be released soon by a prominent pharmaceutical company. (I can’t name them, I promised!)

First, I watched a quick animation of the application process and read the advertising “blurb” describing the product. Then the researcher asked me a lot of questions about how I felt about the product and the company.

Next, he produced a sample of the product and had me apply some to my wrist. Weird stuff. Comes out like shaving cream, is very cold, and makes “crackling” sounds as you rub it into your skin. Almost disturbing.

Then the researcher asked me pretty much all the same questions all over again to see if after actually seeing and “using” the product, my answers had changed.

Well, not many had. If they had told me up front that we weren’t actually going to test the product on real pain (and I was a bit tender in places, having just ridden 210km on the bike), then I could have told them in seconds most of what they were trying to find out.

Which is:

No, I don’t believe product blurbs. Yes, I might buy the product on the recommendation of my trusted doctor or friends who had found it did the job. No, I have no idea how much you should charge for it, given that I have no idea how well it works. No, I don’t like the name you’ve given it. No, I don’t like the wasteful and eco-unfriendly packaging.

There you go, $50 worth of opinion in one succinct paragraph!


3 Responses to “Cold Comfort Foam”

  1. 1 Doug October 26, 2007 at 1:08 pm

    So they shouldn’t have named it Asper-spooj?

    I know, I know . . . eew.

  2. 2 microsoar October 26, 2007 at 1:21 pm

    Doug: How did you guess?

  1. 1 Balls and Walnuts - more than you ever wanted to know » The Filial Thirteen Trackback on October 26, 2007 at 1:14 pm

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