The “Reboot Day” Contest

Here it is, folks, the inaugural Petunia Happenstance writing contest. It’s a bit like “Medea” or “Wild Cards“, but not.

What you have to do to earn praise and goodies:

Write a short story, from 400 to 2000 words based on the premise below. It can be speculative fiction, a love story, a poem, screenplay… whatever. Set it at any time. Be creative!

The Premise:

At 1pm, Greenwich time 14th July 2008, everyone on Earth suddenly finds themselves in the same body and in the same place that they had been in exactly two years ago. It was 14th July 2006 again. They bring nothing from the future but their memory of the two years past.

The dead live again. Children under two years of age cease to exist, except as fetuses.

BUT…. when July 2008 rolls around again, the world reboots yet again… and again….

Optional information you may choose to use:

Mysteriously, a small, but growing number of people, (the “Deleted”), fail to re-appear at each “Reboot Day”.

Yes, I know it’s a bit “Groundhog Day”. The big difference of course, is that everyone is reliving (or choosing to change the way they live) those 2 years, which makes for a totally different dynamic.

How to Enter:

Paste the story in the comments to this post and/or send it to me as a word document to: raptordesigns (at sign)

I’ll repost the story properly formatted as a page on this blog, with a link to it from this entry.

Closing date: Midnight 31st December 2007, GMT

Other rules: Yes! You may enter more than once. Yes! You keep the copyright. Yes, the title is part of the wordcount. No, I can’t enter! (boo hoo.)

The Prize: First prize is a Very Pretty Book – a photographic essay on Australia from the air. Second and third prizes are Aussie tourist Tea Towels. (First prize can have a Tea Towel instead if they want.)

Links to entries:

Here’s a short vignette to get you started..Sometimes being in the right place at the right time can be a burden.


1 Response to “The “Reboot Day” Contest”

  1. 1 Dean November 27, 2007 at 1:03 am

    I have a couple of ideas already. Just what I need this time of year.

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