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Ms Canada and I are busy showing her brother and sister in law around the area over the new year break, so no time to blog. In the meantime, here are a couple of Christmas pics!

Ms Canada’s Xmas table before the hordes arrived.

And noshing down.

Pre-dinner drinks

In the “garden”

Teenagers…. Christmas is texting friends on your mobile…. My son and daughter being sociable.


Seasons greetings!

From me, Ms Canada and our various assorted teenagers, we wish you a great festive season.  Photos of the holiday feasts will be posted after the groaning stomachs subside.

Contest Progress

Two entries now! enjoy!

Karma by Dean Cochrane. Don’t you just wish that some folks would forgive and forget?

Memory by Doug Hoffman. On Golden Pond meets Memento.

Note: you should read the premise first!

Not dead, just pining for the fiords.

Yes, I’m still here, but Christmas and stuff has eaten into blogging time. Or it could be that I’m short on material.

Not so with Dean, who’s written a cracking entry for the Reboot Day competition. Read it here.

Only a week or so to go – so have at it!

Flat out


This one’s for Doug.
Snuffles and Cambridge enjoy an early morning hammock break.

Update: Here’s a pic to show just how small Cambridge is compared with Dougs’ giants (here)

Ghostly eyes

If there’s one thing that creeps me out a lot, it’s when someone implies that a dead relative/friend/ancestor is watching over you from “heaven”.

I really don’t see why merely being dead endows you with the right to spy on my most private moments.

No wonder good, god-fearing folks never perform the conjugal act with the lights on.

Seasons bleatings

I’ve had a couple of Christmases at the “new” Chez Moi now. The kids are late teeners – so I haven’t gone overboard with the whole Christmas schtick. This year, though, Ms Canada decided to buy herself a new “tree” and offered me her old one. The Daughter accepted the invitation and, $20 worth of decorations from the “Reject Shop” later, we have a festive living room.

The only problem is, if we let the ferrets in to play, they proceed to attempt to steal the decorations and pull them, (and sometimes the whole branch) off the tree. We have to put it on a kitchen chair while they’re inside.