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Recumbent drafting

Can a Diamond frame bike draft a recumbent?
Can a recumbent bike draft a DF bike?
Can a recumbent bike draft another recumbent?

Quick answers (from my experience):  Not well, yes, sometimes.

More detail?

I ride a lowracer recumbent. It’s been my experience that folks in DF bikes who hop on my wheel usually drop back off again pretty quickly. Those I’ve spoken to afterward say that they were seeing no assist.  On the other hand, some folks that have tried drafting more upright recumbents claim to have had some boost, but not as much as from another DF.

I have found that drafting a DF on my bent seem to work well and I’m perpetually amazed at the boost it gives me.  Pack etiquette is the main problem.  If I tag a DF group, I try to stay at the very rear, and let the folks dropping back from the front slot in in front of me.  That way no-one gets stuck behind me with no boost.   Obviously I always try to check if it’s OK to join up.

It’s not often you get to try drafting another bent, and hard to find other bents who ride consistent speeds and lines to make drafting less stressful.  Nevertheless, when I’ve tried it, it does work.


Seven things

  1. I find it somehow depressing that the top 4 WordPress weblogs always seem to include LOLcats and lately LOLdogs. Call me curmudgeonly, but they just annoy me.
  2. I am currently recovering from some bedbug bites. It’s a travel experience that just keeps on giving. Bedbugs are apparently very hard to get rid of and something your host will not want to talk about.
  3. I just found out that Australia’s best selling motorcycle is the Honda CT110. Australia Post buys (and sells) thousands of them every year.
  4. Did you know that ferrets must be kept cool when temperatures get above about 27 degrees C? I made a special “Ice Cave” which is a sleeping box with a compartment for an ice container above it. It seems to work.
  5. Alister Coleman a.k.a Scaryduck and Robber Rabbit has started videoblogging. He’s even quacking scarier in person.
  6. OK, Doug is videoblogging too. I am watching with interest the progress of his forehead scar, and await the actual appearance of Karen on, as opposed to off-camera.
  7. My brothers live in Emerald, which has just been flooded. Fortunately, while one of them got water in his shed, his home wasn’t inundated. The other brother, (who’s the local Reverend) has been on national radio today talking about the flood.

For want of a nail.

Be Prepared.

Baden Powell recommended it. The strange hill-billy goat in “Hoodwinked” sang a cute song about it. As a former boy scout, someone who appreciates the value of having an appropriate horn available when it’s needed, (and of course, a rider of a homemade recumbent bike) I thoroughly endorse it too. So here’s the contents of the tool kit I currently lug about on my bike these days.

I also carry a mobile phone and spare batteries for my lights, but they’re not in the tool kit. Is there anything you think I’ve forgotten?

But wait! There’s more. Visit the Fat Cyclist who will explain what you should carry in order to attain popularity. It will be a life altering experience.

Directionless Compass

It is with deep regret that I must cast a brickbat in the direction of  “The Golden Compass”, which Ms Canada and I viewed last night, fortunately using cheap tickets.

The word “mishmash” might well have been invented just  to describe it.   While children will either be excited or scared by the action, particularly the armoured polar bear fights, the story – for this adult – just didn’t mesh. I spent half my time listening hard to the expositions in case I missed something vital to the plot.  All wasted time as it turns out, as the story is left hanging ready for a sequel that may or may not be filmed.

OK, it looks good. But a Victorian era feel and lots of nice CGI can’t make up for a story that seems to be mostly one Deus Ex Machina after another.

And the winner is….

Since I had only two entries, I gave the task of picking the winner to my son, whose dream sparked the idea for the premise.

And the winner is Dean with his entry Karma.

Of course,  every child wins a prize!  So Doug and Dean, drop me a line with the address you’d like your goodies to be sent to!

Contest closed, but feel free…

The Reboot Day contest is closed as of midnite 31st December, but feel free to submit any stories and I’ll publish them anyway.

The winner will be Doug or Dean, though. I’m away for a few days, but I’ll let you know who the winner is early next week!

Happy New Year!