In which an explanation is tendered.

OK, while I don’t owe anyone an explanation, here’s what’s been up over the last 3-4 weeks and why this blog’s been so quiet.

Mostly it’s because I’ve been ill. A real mystery illness, starting off with chills, nausea, earache. One my doctor decided was an infection that required antibiotics. A week of those and I was feeling a little bit better. Well enough, anyway, to force myself to start the week-long training for a part time job. Unfortunately, the first 3 days gave me severe eye strain and resultant pain. To do the job I was going to need multifocal glasses. The next 2 days was motorcycle training for the job. This gave me a slight neck ache thanks to some rough terrain. And to top it off, I came a cropper on my recumbent bicycle at the velodrome that Saturday night. My bad, as they say. I shouldn’t have been riding at all, but you have to have a life.

Sunday morning and I was in a world of major pain. A really sore neck, a continuous splitting headache and dizziness if I moved my head much – continuous “seasickness” meant the dry retches.

While the neck pain subsided over a couple of days, the headaches and nausea did not, and ibufrofen+codeine was hardly helping.

Off to the doctor again. Who sent me for a CT brain scan. It was a tense weekend waiting for the results- a weekend in which the worst of the symptoms except dizziness subsided slowly. The scan was clear. No tumours, lesions or stuff. The doc said “wait and see”.

Now the dizziness is gone and I’m baaaack.  A couple of kilos lighter.

Did I get the job? No. I couldn’t work for 2 weeks or until I got new glasses, and there was a probationary period that had already started ticking. No allowance for lost time through illness or waiting for the glasses.

But What The Hey. I’m well. That, in the end, is all that really matters.


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