A lazy dishonest scoundel

I’m being ripped off by a lazy dishonest bastard called flightsimshop on EBay (and some other places).

My web site, raptordesigns.com, has been a useful resource for folks flying or building weight shift microlights for a decade. All the articles I’ve written include a copyright notice, and the copyright section of the site is quite clear that while I’m happy with non-commercial reproduction of the material with attribution, commercial reproduction is not allowed without permission.

Now, on E-Bay, a seller called flightsimshop is selling a CD entitled “LEARN HOW TO BUILD YOUR OWN ULTRALIGHT NANOLIGHT TRIKE”. The contents of the CD are basically stuff the guy has copied from the net – including the contents of my web site (yes, including the copyright notices!)

I tried contacting him. He denies copying anything – despite clear evidence to the contrary. His advertisement on EBay, for example contains an image from my web site that I personally drew! (the image below is a reduced screen shot from his EBay ad… here’s the original)
EBay don’t care. They have a procedure for complaining about copyright violation, but it’s pretty toothless.

So the best I can do for the time being is to out him in my Hall Of Shame. And here of course.


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