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Neuvo words

Up until 3 weeks ago I’d never heard the word “Barista”.

Suddenly I’m hearing and reading it everywhere.

What gives?


Not a Race, but….

Here they are, finishers 2, 1 and 3 in the 30 Minute Challenge at the Melbourne Festival of Cycling.

This is how it was advertised:

Challenge your mates, your work colleagues, or just yourself. Set a goal and if you like, “get sponsored” for the distance you ride. Not only will you enjoy the feel good effect of physical activity, you’ll be riding on the traffic free Albert Park road circuit, maybe even alongside some of cycling’s best.

Basically, the idea was this: Ride like stink for 30 minutes to see how far you could go.

Well, about eight of us “funny” bike riders took part as part of our usual Sunday B-Spon ride. Obviously we couldn’t resist opening up the throttle for a bit of friendly competition. In the end, if there’d been anyone keeping tabs, three of us would have finished “on the podium” in the distance covered. There were only a handful of road bikes doing a reasonable speed (using drafting techniques), so to a large extent, finishing faster was a matter of “recumbent pride”.

Of course, in the end, nobody except us cared, and in the context of the event, that’s how it should be.

More photos from John Halbrookhere.

Confidence inspiring….

Degnsied in Taiwan

What if?.. #1

This is an old one, but….

What would the Tour de France be like if the Diamond Frame bike had not been invented?

Yes, that’s right. They’d rather ride nothing at all and still wear the Lycra, rather than let recumbents race.

Someone with Photoshop and too much time on their hands….

Old man rolling

An update, mainly for those of you who get here via Googling “recumbent bike” or “OzHPV Challenge”….

The OzHPV Challenge last weekend attracted about 20 competitors (not counting the juniors) at the Go-Cart track at Wodonga which is equidistant between the two major concentrations of recumbent bike riders in Canberra and Melbourne. This way everyone is inconvenienced equally.

The track is twisty and only 700m long. The main event is the 30 lap road race. To win required a combination of raw speed/strength and a willingness to lean the bike into the corners… hard. Sadly, I lack the gung-ho to push it that hard.

The picture below is of the overall winner of the competition, Jamie Friday, who consistently won or placed in the top 3 in every event. His homemade coreflute fairing did seem to help his speed. As for me, well, I finished 11th. So, I guess I’m just an “average” rider. I’ll update this summary with a link to the results and a fullwriteup as soon as they are published.

Thank you for having me (but I think you’ve been had)

I can’t pass the opportunity to tell you to run, don’t just slide your mouse to download or listen to the superb Radio Eye documentary on Campbell McComas. It’s priceless. The man was a genius who died way too young. What are you waiting for? Click the link! The podcast won’t be up for long!

To quote the blurb:
“The brilliant hoaxer Campbell McComas died a few years ago at the peak of his ‘career’ as a bogus after-dinner speaker. Gordon Glenn got access to his assiduously preserved tapes, which record his outrageous pranks on the professional class, and has assembled them together with candid interviews with the hoaxer himself.

Out of a total of about 1,800 totally fabricated personalities, McComas recalls some of the more memorable ‘visiting professors’ and other high achievers he presented to the academic and business groups circuit as genuine experts in various fields. Not everyone got the joke — the feature includes a walk-out by US diplomats upset by a reference to their Americas Cup defeat.

Not Lance Armstrong.

This weekend we do battle at the OzHPV Challenge in Wodonga.

“We” are an assorted bunch of eccentrics. mostly middle aged, riding even more eccentric and weird, (mostly recumbent) bicycles.  We might make the local paper, but no-one is going to be looking up to us as role models.

The track this year is normally  a go-cart venue, so it’s twisty.  This means that the trikes will shine wih their tight cornering capability.  Me, I’m going to have to be careful on my 2-wheel lowracer.  I’ll be wearing skater elbow pads and some kevlar pads inside my pants to protect againts road rash if I come off.

Despite being a bit faster this year, thanks to the training for the Round The Bay ride, plus a better bike, I’m not likely to take any honours. (last year 3rd overall, 1st in veterans)  This year the Veterans section is the Over 40’s rather than Over 50’s.  There are some fast early-40’s riders coming!  Also the new bike is not really set up very well for the novelty events.

I’ll post some photos and a report next week.