Not Lance Armstrong.

This weekend we do battle at the OzHPV Challenge in Wodonga.

“We” are an assorted bunch of eccentrics. mostly middle aged, riding even more eccentric and weird, (mostly recumbent) bicycles.  We might make the local paper, but no-one is going to be looking up to us as role models.

The track this year is normally  a go-cart venue, so it’s twisty.  This means that the trikes will shine wih their tight cornering capability.  Me, I’m going to have to be careful on my 2-wheel lowracer.  I’ll be wearing skater elbow pads and some kevlar pads inside my pants to protect againts road rash if I come off.

Despite being a bit faster this year, thanks to the training for the Round The Bay ride, plus a better bike, I’m not likely to take any honours. (last year 3rd overall, 1st in veterans)  This year the Veterans section is the Over 40’s rather than Over 50’s.  There are some fast early-40’s riders coming!  Also the new bike is not really set up very well for the novelty events.

I’ll post some photos and a report next week.


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