Not a Race, but….

Here they are, finishers 2, 1 and 3 in the 30 Minute Challenge at the Melbourne Festival of Cycling.

This is how it was advertised:

Challenge your mates, your work colleagues, or just yourself. Set a goal and if you like, “get sponsored” for the distance you ride. Not only will you enjoy the feel good effect of physical activity, you’ll be riding on the traffic free Albert Park road circuit, maybe even alongside some of cycling’s best.

Basically, the idea was this: Ride like stink for 30 minutes to see how far you could go.

Well, about eight of us “funny” bike riders took part as part of our usual Sunday B-Spon ride. Obviously we couldn’t resist opening up the throttle for a bit of friendly competition. In the end, if there’d been anyone keeping tabs, three of us would have finished “on the podium” in the distance covered. There were only a handful of road bikes doing a reasonable speed (using drafting techniques), so to a large extent, finishing faster was a matter of “recumbent pride”.

Of course, in the end, nobody except us cared, and in the context of the event, that’s how it should be.

More photos from John Halbrookhere.


1 Response to “Not a Race, but….”

  1. 1 Brad April 25, 2008 at 2:39 am

    Well done guys. It is great to see three different recumbents involved in this event. I wish they would do one of these in Perth.

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