Eastlink 65km Cycling Challenge. 15th June 2008

Updated June 17th

A refund of all but the cancer council donation is available if you didn’t get what you paid for in the 65km challenge. See my later post here for details

Updated just after the ride

Well, I was right…. the organization just wasn’t up to handling the sheer volume of riders. Nevertheless I had fun.

See my ride report here.

Updated 12:13pm 12th June

Well, the organization train wreck that is this ride continues. Apparently I’m one of 1500 people who are going to have to pick up their rider numbers and transponders at the start because they weren’t able to send out the second 1500 transponders in time. Riders 3000+ (and there are 6000 riders!) got their rider numbers in the mail

A queue of 1500 people at 7.00am for an 8am start…..!

There was supposed to be an incentive to order early – a transponder and a start in rider number order. My guess is we riders 1501-3000 will be wayyyyyyy back in the pack by the time we pick up our numbers.

Updated 12:13pm 12th June

One business day left before the ride and still no rider pack in the post today…. I entered on the 25th May. Hmmmmm…. not good.

UPDATED 4pm, 15th May

Register for the Bicycle Victoria free events: here

Register for the 65km Challenge (not Road Race) @$39: here

Enter the 65km Road race (CSV licence), @$50: here

UPDATE 4pm 14/May:

I just got a phone call from John Trevorrow at Cycling Events Down Under. They will manage the 65km ride and take their fee from the entry fee.

Revised web pages (Event and registration) will be put up tomorrow. They acknowledge that they jumped the gun in putting info up unpolished, and you will see some changes, apparently. (hopefully)

There will be “separate” 65km rides. The first riders to leave will be the racers (license required), followed by “the rest”.

The cost is $39.


    Cycling Events DownUnder commission/running costs
    Timing system
    Cancer Council donation

The Cancer Council donation component is estimated at $15-$25 depending on the level of subscription and other variable costs.

The Eastlink tollway folks are having an open day on the 15th June 2008 featuring cycling and walking on the road prior to the official opening to cars.


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