Online fraud: beware

Just a heads-up, folks, on a fraud scenario that seems to be getting pretty common.

I keep getting emails from folks along the lines of:

Hello, I am interested in you product and would like order. Please confirm it is OK pay by credit card.
Name and address.

The English is always poor and the email address is always a freebie (hotmail, gmail, whatever).

The delivery address is usually not valid.

The scam works like this. The person knows nothing about you or your products. If you respond, he will ask for your web site so he can find out what you sell and “order” something. Quite a large quantity of something, in fact.

He will give you a credit card number, which is probably stolen, but will actually apparently process the transaction. (Note that the money will be taken off you later via the charge back process.)

He will insist that he will organize transport, but you will need to pay the transport company on his behalf and add the transport cost to his credit card payment. The transport company, however, will need to be paid by Western Union.

If you’re stupid enough to have fallen for it so far, you send real money to the “transport company”.

That’s it. You never hear from him again.


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