Mandrake the Munition

Lee Falk’s “Mandrake the Magician” serialized comic was the page I turned to in my mothers’ Australian Womens Weekly in the late 60’s/early ’70s. OK, the underwear ads were also briefly glimpsed in passing…..

Mandrake had the power to “gesture hypnotically” so that people would see illusions. It was a power he seemed to use only at the direst moments, of course, to thwart the evildoers.

From his home Xanadu, with his faithful black strongman Lothar, girlfriend Narda, and his best friend, ruler of a million planets, Magnon, (who seemed to need his help regularly), Mandrake gestured regularly on the last page until the Women’s Weekly became a monthly magazine which, …. for some strange reason, …. did not trigger a name change.


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