Eastlink rides: Redux #2

Update 29th June 2009

It’s a whole year later – and the news is that John Trevorrow is suing John Faine of the ABC .

To quote the Age:

“Mr Trevorrow alleges the broadcast on June 27 last year meant he was incompetent and dishonest and had mismanaged the event at a community open day for the EastLink tollway.”

Linky here:http://www.theage.com.au/national/cyclist-sues-abc-host-20090628-d1a9.html

Opinion mode: 

I don’t think any organiser could have anticipated the sheer on-the-day volume of the response to the Eastlink ride, no matter what their level of competence, and I doubt that any promoter could have done any better a job of managing what actually happened on the day once it became obvious things were going pear shaped.

But… I do think that the combined organisers (not just CED) did a poor job of planning based on the numbers they were already actually anticipating.  The transponder/registration/mailout fiasco, the use of only half the tollway and the resulting deadly bollard-dodging were things riders really shouldn’t have had to deal with.

The aftermath, specifically Mr Faine’s  taking CED to task over the issue of refunds, is I guess, now a matter for the courts to decide!!!

27th June 2008.. re: refunds:

If you asked for a refund (minus Cancer Council donation) for the Eastlink 65km Challenge and received an email saying refunds are closed, ask again. The organizer was on the radio this morning on 3LO and has said that this was a bad decision and that refunds are now still available (as of 27th June, but if you’re reading this more than a few weeks later than that, I guess the window will be closed). Email: John Trevorrow (john@cyclingevents.com.au) for up to date information.

And don’t forget to return your “transponder” if you didn’t at the ride! Otherwise, you’ll get $25 deducted from your credit card, according to the Challenge Terms and Conditions! Post it (with your name and address) to:

Cycling Events
1 Melbourne Rd
Drumcondra VIC 3215


BV has a survey at: http://www.bv.com.au/great-rides/41340/
(scroll down to the bottom right of the “Feedback” panel)
along with estimates of the numbers that participated and an admission that the numbers simply overwhelmed their plans.


John Trevorrow (john@cyclingevents.com.au)from Cycling Events Downunder was on 774 3LO this morning with John Faine and agreed to refund all but the $15 cancer council donation to folks who contact him dissatisfied with the 65km ride. I’m not quite sure what level of dissatisfaction you will need to express, though. If you didn’t get a rider pack and ended up mixed up with the Fun Ride, my guess is you’d have cause to complain that you didn’t get what you paid for, which was supposedly the chance to ride fast on a wide, open smooth road and to compare your time with the elite CSV riders.


UPDATE: The results and transponder timings for the Challenge are published on the Bicycle Victoria web site at: http://www.rideeastlink.com.au/

HOWEVER…. there are results published for only 930 riders out of 3000 transponders and the name of the first place getter is wrong!


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