The chicken has a new ride.

No, that’s not an obscure reference to the well known mondegreen. I have a “new” car!

The old Magna wagon was getting a bit sad. It had had a hard life and there were few things that really needed major attention. There was an almighty transmission line clunk. She had been leaking oil slightly for years, but it was getting to be a major problem. There was a squeak in one of the wheel bearings at left steering lock, the brake rotors needed replacing and there was some bodywork damage thanks to a minor trailer mishap that would have cost thousands to put right although it didn’t affect function. In these days of rising fuel prices, it was costing a fortune in fuel for use on short trips. It was also an automatic, and at present I’m trying to teach the Boy to drive, and we want him to get a manual license.

So there was a choice. Spend many thousands on fixing up the Magna and have a car that was still fuel hungry, and unsuitable for teaching, or trade for something smaller.

After a lot of searching for small wagons that would suit, I ended up finding a ’97 Subaru Impreza hatchback (2 litre) with only 87000km on the dial and impressive condition at a good price.

It’s nice to drive.

I’ll have to make some compromises, though. It doesn’t have the massive rear space that the Magna had, I’ll need to make a roof rack for the bikes. A front rack and rear tow hitch rack will be needed for the hang gliders, and when I go out with the powered glider, I’m going to need to take a trailer. All doable, of course.


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