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The Gourmand At Large

Many years ago, we took the kids to an “all you can eat” restaurant (“Smorgies”, previously “Island Trader”, now “Volcano Joes”) and they proceeded to have one piece of pizza and then stuff themselves on soft serve ice cream and sprinkles. Most of which was regurgitated by the Boy on the way home. It’s not an experience I have ever been keen to revisit, especially since what I did eat was not exactly worth what I paid anyway. I’m not about to force food down just to get my money’s worth, but that certainly seemed to be the general philosophy for most of the patrons.

Which brings me to Sofia’s in Camberwell where I had dinner with my son and daughter last night. Continue reading ‘The Gourmand At Large’



Phone inna can

Phone inna can

Yep, you can buy phones in cans now. So convenient! It’s a wonder it hadn’t been done before. Those old bottled phones were so hard to decant. Remember how you used to have to bash the bottom to get the last few drops of phone?

The phone’s my new Motorola MotoFone F3. It’s a phone that’s just a phone with no gimmicks. A phone made just for us old boomers who’ve come through gadgets and out the other side, and whose eyes are just, well, not what they used to be for close up work. It has an “electronic paper” display that’s readable in the brightest daylight, with BIG characters. This kind of display also means a great battery life.

No camera, no MP3 player, no web browsing. Hey. It’s a phone man!

Downsides? it doesn’t have predictive text and because the characters are so big, reading text messages means scrolling them.

It's just a bloody phone!

It's just a phone!