The Gourmand At Large

Many years ago, we took the kids to an “all you can eat” restaurant (“Smorgies”, previously “Island Trader”, now “Volcano Joes”) and they proceeded to have one piece of pizza and then stuff themselves on soft serve ice cream and sprinkles. Most of which was regurgitated by the Boy on the way home. It’s not an experience I have ever been keen to revisit, especially since what I did eat was not exactly worth what I paid anyway. I’m not about to force food down just to get my money’s worth, but that certainly seemed to be the general philosophy for most of the patrons.

Which brings me to Sofia’s in Camberwell where I had dinner with my son and daughter last night.

The Boy, (with adulthood only a week away now, so this may be the last time you read “the Boy” here) had foolishly missed breakfast and lunch and had insisted that he wanted a large meal.

Sofia’s is part of a popular chain of Italian pizza-pasta restaurants. Pictures of Ms Loren adorn the walls, though I’m not sure if this represents endorsement or just blatant appropriation. It was pretty full, but there were tables. They seemed to be doing a great trade in takeaway – the waiters seemed to be forever carrying large takeaway containers to the checkout.

To cut to the chase, the pasta portions at Sofia’s are simply huge. We ordered entrée size dishes of pasta for about $11 each (note that in Australia, entrée means starter, not main meal). The Boy managed to finish his, but was groaning. I managed only half of mine, and my daughter and her friends dishes really didn’t look that much different on completion to when they arrived in great steaming piles at the table.

At this point we discovered that what we had thought was a brisk takeaway trade was in fact all “doggie bags”. My daughter has tonights’ dinner in the fridge now.

We ordered a single gelato serve to share ($6.30) for dessert. This was 15cm high, and we did get through it with a concerted group effort, but it was touch and go at the finish. A dishonourable mention to the Boy for surreptitiously mining for mint gelato from his side, leaving us to discover a mint-free tunnel where the mint should have been.

So, a rousing hand for Sofia’s, the “more than you can eat” restaurant.

And no regurgitation, hooray.


1 Response to “The Gourmand At Large”

  1. 1 Miriam August 31, 2008 at 4:32 pm

    I ate about half of mine. It was a fair effort. I did get two good meals out of it though – very very worth it, I’d say.
    We brought our doggie bags home and Semira got excited by them, and ended up going to Sofia’s last night herself because of the envy.

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