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MCC – A pox on thee!

I sit here, your correspondent, with pain in my sit-upon and a grazed elbow, thanks to some thoughtless or malicious sod from the Melbourne City Council.

It was a great day for a bike ride, and it co-incided with our monthly “come-and-try” day, so what with riding from home and back to the meeting point before the group ride, I managed 75km all up.  Fine so far.

The group is slow, combined as it is with the Bicycle Victoria “over-50’s riding program*”, so slow that I feel as if I’m not doing myself much good.  This usually means that I split with the group quite early with the intent of meeting up with them later at a designated point-  and put the hammer down for a good aerobic workout. *Note: I’m over 50 too, but over the last 3 years I’ve become a stronger rider…. not a strong rider, mind you, but I do need to push to raise a sweat.

Which I duly did this morning.  I was about 5km into the breakaway after crossing the foot/cycle bridge to Docklands and there was a sign diverting pedestrians and cycles away from works to the designated path.   I followed directions and right across the indicated path was a wide  section of gravel which I assumed was covering a newly-asphalted surface.  What it was, in fact, was a section of asphalt that had been cut away and removed to make a hole that was filled to the brim with 6 inches of loose scree.

Front wheel goes in.  Bogs down deep – hits other end of hole. Bike slews and falls. Your writer flies out of seat onto backside and one elbow on asphalt surface covered in loose gravel.  Much cursing ensues.

Fortunately I was not, at this point, moving very fast.  Had I been, the MCC would have been hearing from lawyers tomorrow.