Around the (not) Lake today

A quick Photo of team “Bent, Not Broken” after the completion of the Lake Wendouree 2.5 hour Challenge.

From left to right:
Steve N (homemade, “The bike from Oz”)
William & son (Barchetta)
me (homemade lowracer)
Freddy Flatfoot (Homemade SWB)
Ken H (homemade lowracer)
Adrienne (trike)
Greg (Challenge Fujin lowracer)

Stats: Number of riders: 7
52 rider-laps (each lap 6.2km)
Average overall speed for all riders: 32.24 km/hr
Total km ridden: 322

No, we didn’t win, but we did well – we were second in the “sporting groups” section, the winners being the Sebastopol cycling club with 12 young riders, meaning each of their riders only had to ride one lap in three with a 2 lap rest . We were riding 2-4 lap stints with mostly one lap rests.

Thanks to everyone who turned up and it was great to meet you all. A fantastic effort everyone!


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