They love their utes in Deni

Every year in October, thousands of “ute” (pickup) drivers and assorted hangers-on arrive in Deniliquin, New South Wales for the Deniliquin Ute Muster.

Ute on a pole in the town

Ute on a pole in the town

It’s two days of “ute” events – from just showing off a decked-out (pimped) ute to “circle work” (burn-outs).

Mosaic-covered ute in town

Mosaic-covered ute in town

The event is held on a purpose-built 138 acre property about 3km north of the town. The company I work for is peripherally associated with the organisation side of the Muster, so I had to go there a few weeks ago.

The Ute Muster is a big deal for Deniliquin, bringing a much needed injection of economic activity to a town suffering from the global recession.  Deniliquin is about 80km north of the VIC/NSW border in very, very flat country where sheep, beef cattle, wheat and rice are the major industries.  The town itself is very pretty (but flat) with wide avenues and plenty of on-road bike paths – and Autumn is a great time to visit.  I don’t recommend the height of Summer.

Here’s a pic of the front gate of the Muster site, a mighty rusty steel edifice….

My "ute" at the Muster gates

My "ute" at the Muster gates


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