Hot under the collar

A couple of days ago, my son told me that his car (mine actually, but he seems to be increasingly fond of  this particular possessive pronoun)  had overheated when he was driving through the city central business district.   He’d noticed the temperature guage climbing and stopped before it actually produced steam, then driven home with no overheating after it had cooled.

This was a worry.  I took the car for a spin that evening but it seemed to be performing OK.

The next morning before work, I decided to get down and dirty and crawled under the beast (not much crawl space under an Impreza!) for  a look-see. 

No plastic bag plastered onto the radiator or wasps nests in the grille, plenty of coolant,…. but aha! what’s this?  Two floating electrical connectors… that look like they fit into sockets on the radiator fans.

Yes indeed, at the last service a few months ago (100k) in which they replaced the timing belt, some clever mechanic forgot to reconnect the electric cooling fans.

It looks like the only reason the car hadn’t overheated before was that it’s been Winter (hence cold) and that my son normally drives the car to and from university along roads that allow 60-70km most of the time so there’s adequate airflow through the grille to keep things cool.   

When he ventured into the CBD, he was stuck in slow, crawling and stopping traffic for quite a while, so without airflow, the temperature soared.

I’m just glad the boy keeps an eye on the guages and that it wasn’t summer.  It could have been an expensive mistake.


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