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That was the decade, that was.

The end of the noughties, another decade under the wheels.   It’s been a busy one.

I started 2000 in denial, declaring that the Millenium didn’t start until 2001.  I started it married with two youngish children, just out of a job I’d held for 19 years and now working for myself full time.

Ten years later, and divorced,  I have two fine young adults living with me that I’m proud to call my children.  I have a wonderful, loving and understanding LAT partner (Ms Canada), a whole new group of friends courtesy of my recumbent cycling.  I still fly, but not so often.  I also have a few new “virtual” interesting acquaintances/friends right here in this place.

On the down side, the bottom fell out of the market I was working in, and now I’m back working long hours for The Man for subsistence pay.

The Tenties are sure to bring new challenges.  By the end of them I’ll be almost 65.

All indications are that I may not retire a wealthy man.  But if I can keep my health and have friends, I will be rich indeed.

Wishing you all a Merry Christmoose!


Sharing a house? Free advice!

My daughter has finally finished her  illustrated, 31-page guide to sharehouse life.

Within you’ll find advice on the joys and pitfalls of house sharing including budgeting, tenant rights, housemate do’s and don’ts, cheap eats and even a basic recipe section.

It’s free and it’s online here

Going down in flames

Many moons ago, for two two year terms I was a member of the Hang Gliding Federation board.  It was a challenging time and a frustrating one.  Recently, the HGFA has been rocked by an internal coup that has led to the wholesale replacement of the board prior to normal election turnover and the resignation of the employed General Manager.  Now the witch hunt begins… Continue reading ‘Going down in flames’