Plumb(ing) crazy

There are small things that conspire to annoy the less worldly traveller. The colour of street signs, how close to the safe speed limit the suggested road curve speeds are, whether there are public toilets in towns or whether you have to buy a coffee to use some restaurant’s dunny (self defeating  at best, since it just sets you up for the next one), or the baffling array of confusing shower taps.

And it’s the latter of which I write.

What happened to the simple two taps each for the bath and the shower?  Every motel we visit seems to have bought their bathroom fittings from “obscure taps-r-s”.  Whether it be a special button hidden behind the shower curtain that you press to switch taps from bath to shower, a small paddle on the shower rose that controls temperature and is guaranteed to drench you with cold water before you can figure out where the hot setting is, or a completely unmarked joystick which provides a one-armed-bandit option for choosing whether you get scolded or frozen, motel owners conspire to compete as to how many half dressed, damp guests arrive back at the reception desk sheepishly asking for directions as to how to get a decent shower.


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