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World Championship Top Gear-ing

If you’re reading this outside the Home Country or Antipodean Colonies, you will not know of “Top Gear”.  Probably.

A TV show that’s ostensibly about cars, this UK production stars three irascible Englishmen who test drive improbably expensive muscle and luxury cars, banter amongst one another and undertake equally improbable “challenges”.

It’s not about the cars.  Strangely, you don’t have to be a car fan to like Top Gear at all.  Just sit back and listen to the “boys” blather on.

As for the “Challenges”….

Years ago on our local TV, there used to be a show called “World Championship Wrestling”.  No matter that all the action was local and the closest to the World it got were wrestlers called Mario Milano, an Italian fish and chip shop owner and Spiros Arion, the “golden greek”.  Every week, viewers would thrill to the  gravel tones of Jack Little, inviting “wrestling fans” to tune in.   Everyone knew that the matches were choreographed, but despite that,  it was popular.

Just like the Top Gear “Challenges”.  You know full well that the trials and tribulations are 70% script written, but watch for the sheer enjoyment.

I’ve just been watching an episode where the boys traveled by 2nd hand four wheel drive across the Andes, breaking down, crashing and generally raising mayhem.

But, for example… it’s hard to take a supposed lone “stranding” seriously, when you know there’s at least one extra vehicle with the camera and sound man standing there filming the man bemoaning his lonely fate

Top Gear. Top program. Top Fiction.