You know what gets up my nose?

Excessive hair, apparently.

Fathers day 2010 will be remembered for the thoughtful gift Ms Canada handed over with a smirk at dinner with my offspring.  A nose hair trimmer. Hint, hint, apparently.  I’d only just trimmed my eyebrows though – they were getting too long at about 30mm for the longest hairs…..

The aforesaid offspring sprung for a very touching card and an infeasibly large block of Toblerone fruit and nut milk chocolate.

And here’s something else that gets up my nose:

What’s the deal with the ad for new hand soap pumps that dispense soap by sensing your hand under the spout so that you “don’t have to touch the dirty pump handle”?

Look, you’re dispensing soap to wash your hands, right? You’re going to wash them after dispensing the soap and wash off any “germs” the pump handle might have on it.  What sort of idiots do the designers of these things think we are?

Happy Fathers Day to you all!


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