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Ol ’75

Doug has (had) a contest going: write a 75 word story….. here.

The comment thread for it is … here.

My first entry is a take on the Thousand and One Nights…. the second echoes Conan Doyle. I’ve taken the lazy writers’ path, using a back story that the literate reader will recognise straight away so that I don’t have to soak up unnecessary verbiage in scene-setting. It’s a wheeze that the writers of syndicated Star Trek paperbacks have made an art form.

UPDATE: I won, wow!


Elusive Bloom

The Flasher – June Edition – contest is to write a flash story that reveals a secret. Well below the fold, my contribution. You think you know the secret? Well, don’t be so damn sure, you cocky so-and-so!

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Flasher – May entry

Below the fold, my entry for the May issue of The Flasher. This month, a flash story of under 1000 words incorporating some song lyrics. It’s a bit dark – you’ve been warned.

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Expose yourself

Flash Fiction! Flash Fiction. It’s fun and it’s free.

Here for your enjoyment are a couple of flash fiction blogs.

Postcards from Uranus (previously “Postcards from Hell”). There’s some good stuff here.

The Flasher

This new blog’s been set up to give writing students a chance – and some incentive – to ply their prospective trade. But that’s just a guideline – so if you want to contribute, go for it!

Contest Progress

Two entries now! enjoy!

Karma by Dean Cochrane. Don’t you just wish that some folks would forgive and forget?

Memory by Doug Hoffman. On Golden Pond meets Memento.

Note: you should read the premise first!

Not dead, just pining for the fiords.

Yes, I’m still here, but Christmas and stuff has eaten into blogging time. Or it could be that I’m short on material.

Not so with Dean, who’s written a cracking entry for the Reboot Day competition. Read it here.

Only a week or so to go – so have at it!

Short on inspiration

Shameless Plug: Don’t forget the Reboot Day writing contest. Don’t let the fact there are no entries as yet stop you from putting fingertips to keyboard and bashing one out!

Here’s the 1st prize: a book of paintings by Dacre Smyth of Australia From the Air.