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Seven things

  1. I find it somehow depressing that the top 4 WordPress weblogs always seem to include LOLcats and lately LOLdogs. Call me curmudgeonly, but they just annoy me.
  2. I am currently recovering from some bedbug bites. It’s a travel experience that just keeps on giving. Bedbugs are apparently very hard to get rid of and something your host will not want to talk about.
  3. I just found out that Australia’s best selling motorcycle is the Honda CT110. Australia Post buys (and sells) thousands of them every year.
  4. Did you know that ferrets must be kept cool when temperatures get above about 27 degrees C? I made a special “Ice Cave” which is a sleeping box with a compartment for an ice container above it. It seems to work.
  5. Alister Coleman a.k.a Scaryduck and Robber Rabbit has started videoblogging. He’s even quacking scarier in person.
  6. OK, Doug is videoblogging too. I am watching with interest the progress of his forehead scar, and await the actual appearance of Karen on, as opposed to off-camera.
  7. My brothers live in Emerald, which has just been flooded. Fortunately, while one of them got water in his shed, his home wasn’t inundated. The other brother, (who’s the local Reverend) has been on national radio today talking about the flood.

Flat out


This one’s for Doug.
Snuffles and Cambridge enjoy an early morning hammock break.

Update: Here’s a pic to show just how small Cambridge is compared with Dougs’ giants (here)

Attack of the killer weasels

The ferrets are coming…

And this time, they’re not taking prisoners.

Note to readers: Ferrets are not actually weasels as such , but belong to the same family… Mustelidae, which includes weasels, mink, otters, badgers, polecats (ferrets are actually a domesticated and inbred version), the wolverine, martens, the tayra, the fisher and in some taxonomical classifications skunks.

A loss

A few days ago, Roxy the family dog died.

At 9 years old, she had suffered from several tumours over the last few years as well an an ongoing saga of problems after a broken femur.  Finally a sudden and aggressive tumour killed her.

There’s not much more to say except that we miss her.

Mustela putorius furo

the weaselsYes, they smell. Yes, they nip. Yes, they can get into anything. I repeat – anything.

But they grow on you.

I’m technically not a ferret owner myself. That honour belongs to my first-born, who’d wanted one since she was about 10 or so. The ex and I relented when she turned 16 and appeared to have acheived enough maturity to care for one. This was of course before we discovered that owning ferrets means a whole new level of commitment, pain and expense.

The ferrets themselves cost nothing much. $30 or so and you get the pick of a litter. Then you find out that there aren’t many vets who can “do” ferrets. And ferrets need a lot of “doing” indeed. Expensive doing.

The jills (males are “hobs”) have to be desexed before they first go on heat unless they’re breeders, or they die from hormone overload. They have to be given distemper shots, too.

Worse, they’re fragile animals for something that’s basically an inbred domesticated weasel. They have no sense of danger and their eyesight is very poor. So they’re forever climbing and falling off things. They will chew and eat entirely inappropriate items such as power cables and foam rubber. Intestinal blockages and electrocution are leading causes of ferret mortality. My daughters first ferret ate a foam earplug and suddenly died of the blockage some weeks later.

Ferrets are cold weather animals and will die if overheated. It’s been 40 degrees (Celcius) here a lot this summer. We have a special ferret “ice cave”.
Now we have two desexed jills, “Cambridge” and “Snuffles”. So far we’ve managed to keep them alive for a year.

And we all smell a bit funny.


PS: a random quote from the net:

“A ferret’s favorite place to be is ‘there’ and favorite direction is ‘up’. No ferret has ever been ‘there’, but they keep trying.