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Pa Kettle Awards #1

The inaugural Pa Kettle award for lazy TV programming this week goes to:

20 to 01: Twenty old 20 second clips, each shown in preview, in full and in review, and then as teasers before each and after every ad break, linked with cheesy patter from that old warhorse of Australian TV, Bert Newton…. who looks like his face is now made of pink plastic and sporting Australia’s most well known hairpiece. Bert, we loved you. Why do you insist on trampling all over your reputation?

Runners up:

Australia’s funniest home videos

a.k.a “Clips of people getting badly injured or kicked in the gonads” to a sound track of canned laughter and the Benny Hill theme plus an inane and annoying commentary in a supposedly ‘funny’ voice. And mostly not made by Australians

and “Download”

Being: “Stuff we stole from Youtube made overseas so we’re unlikely to get complaints

only because Videos goes to the expense of a studio audience for some reason, and Download has multiple presenters.

*** This post is a Thursday Three