A taste of the book that I never wrote:

Chapter 1: In which Petunia and happenstance become tragically aquainted.

Chapter 2: Running a-fowl On the Road.

Chapter 3: In which the threat of aniseed extracts a telling confession.

Chatpre 4: Where two travellers become three.

Chapter 5: Jeremy tells a Dark and Prophetic Tale, and the Watcher is Breifly Glimpsed.

Chapter 6: In which the Travellers are Attacked By Digruntled Owls.

Chapter 7: The Cottage of Cheese.

Chapter 8: A mountain is Crossed, but a companion is Lost.

Chapter 9: The Chicken Comes First

Chapter 10: A tall dark is stranger

Chapter 11: In which All is Resolved to the Mutual Satisfaction of All Concerned


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  1. 1 Dean July 18, 2007 at 11:52 pm

    Hah! The Cottage of Cheese!

    For some reason that made me laugh.

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